Sleep Training: 7 Simple Tips For Getting Started 03/19/2014
Bitta Kidda Landon
Sleep training has been a big topic around our house lately. Not actually for us, we are happily enjoying 3 good sleepers these days. The twins (20 months) are comfy in their Bitta Sleepers and consistently sleep 12 hours each night while our big boy (3.5 years) gave up his last Bitta Sleeper a couple months ago and seems to be in a good place with the added independence of his bed. It’s been about a year since he transitioned out of the crib, and I’ll be honest it has not all been rainbows and cupcakes. But Bitta Dad and I have chosen to stay firm, and continue to stay firm, as we manage the growing need our son seems to have to control the night time routine (amongst other things!).
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We're Missing The Boat On Safe Sleep. What Gives? 03/04/2014
Bitta Blankie Olivia
I am just going to say it. I am baffled by parents who choose to ignore the guidelines for safe sleep.

A recent survey, sponsored by American Baby Magazine and Safe Kids Worldwide highlights the enormous gap between parent knowledge of the latest safe sleep recommendations and what those same parents are actually doing when it comes to putting their children to sleep.

This doesn't look to be an issue of an uneducated public. In fact, 96% of the parents surveyed were knowledgeable about the current safe sleep recommendations. These parents know the drill concerning safe sleep and are worried about SIDS (and minimizing it's risk during the first year of their child's life). Yet an eye popping number are deliberately ignoring 1 or more safe sleep practice at home.

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Bitta Blankie: An Entirely New Way To Think About Comforting Your Baby 02/04/2014
Bitta Blankie Oren
So until this past fall when we launched our website and product, Bitta Blankie, I had the privilege of being a member of the only “Bitta Family” in existence. I’ve learned a lot in this role and love sharing our experiences as I think they have been truly unique. Comfort items provided to your baby for the purpose of self soothing are not new at all. However, deploying them as PART of the garment your baby wears is a brand new (and in our opinion better) way to think about comfort. Read on to see why!
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Surviving Sleep Training With Twins (Or More!) 01/14/2014
Bitta Blankie Twins
When a parent with a new baby at home thinks about sleep training, it is often an overwhelming and scary concept. Should I be following a schedule? Am I ok with letting my baby cry? If I let my baby cry is she going to be permanently damaged by the experience? And this is just the beginning!
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Parent Spotlight: Emily Silberman Shares Her Bitta Blankie Experience 01/06/2014
Bitta Blankie Nora

We recently got to know Emily Silberman, mom of 3, through a mutual friend. After her daughter Nora's great success with Bitta Blankie (and this amazing picture she was able to capture!!), we knew she had to be our next Parent Spotlight interview.

And as Emily tells Nora before each nap and night, "It's Bitta Time!"...

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