Baby Hands & Sleeping Through The Night: Friend Or Foe? 06/11/2014
Baby Penn

I’m here today answering a burning question I’m sure you never had prior to giving birth. Those baby hands (and the arms they are attached to), are they Friend or Foe when it comes to baby sleep?

The answer, my fellow Mom’s and Dad’s, is unequivocally BOTH. But not at the same time, most likely. The secret to managing the hands is to know when to hold and when to fold. Like my poker reference? Bitta Dad would be so proud. But I digress…
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Parent Spotlight: Brooke McNamara Shares Her Bitta Kidda Experience 05/22/2014
Bitta Kidda Cole

Our latest Parent Spotlight comes from Brooke McNamara, a new mom in Colorado. She actually had a great sleeper on her hands from the very start, but found her son Cole lifting the sleep sack she'd purchased for him (before discovering Bitta!) over his face while he slept.

As it would any parent, this was alarming so Brooke set out on the internet looking for answers and stumbled upon the Bitta Kidda Wearable Lovie. Now Cole is happy, soothing himself with the Bitta Flaps, and Brooke is happy because she can sleep soundly knowing he has a safe comfort item that won't end up covering his face! Now that is what we call a Win-Win :-)

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Let It Go - My Secret Sauce For Sleep Training (And Life Training) The Kids 05/07/2014
Bitta Kidda Kira
I have learned a lot as a mom of twins. A lot about patience and a lot about perfection (or lack thereof on both accounts). Bringing twins into the world when my “Big Guy” was still 3 weeks shy of his 2nd birthday pretty much rocked my world when it came to sanity and a sense of control of my life. I remember Saturdays spent at home when the twins were very tiny, feeling paralyzed by how hard it was to care for all these beautiful blessings of ours. And we had a lot of help!
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Parent Spotlight: Emily Weinstein Shares Her Bitta Kidda Experience 04/25/2014

Sometimes I think the best thing I can do in sharing how wonderful Bitta Kidda can be for your family is to keep my mouth shut and let another Bitta Mom tell you.

In Emily's own words: "Seriously, now it's all Bitta all the time in our house! He loves the flaps and I swear I did not think it was going to work but it truly has. I don't know how I can ever thank you!!!!! Really. I never imagined this could make a difference but Harris is a great sleeper now! Since my older son was an amazing sleeper on his own, I didn't even understand what the Bitta Flaps would do.  I was shocked the way Harris took to them.  I'm still surprised when I see him pulling at it - awake, asleep, sitting up, lying down - it's just his constant source of comfort as he is settling in for sleep and then through the night. I don't know what we would've done if we hadn't tried this. I'm so excited for you to have created something so wonderful!"

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Sleep Training: 7 Simple Tips For Getting Started 03/19/2014
Bitta Kidda Landon
Sleep training has been a big topic around our house lately. Not actually for us, we are happily enjoying 3 good sleepers these days. The twins (20 months) are comfy in their Bitta Sleepers and consistently sleep 12 hours each night while our big boy (3.5 years) gave up his last Bitta Sleeper a couple months ago and seems to be in a good place with the added independence of his bed. It’s been about a year since he transitioned out of the crib, and I’ll be honest it has not all been rainbows and cupcakes. But Bitta Dad and I have chosen to stay firm, and continue to stay firm, as we manage the growing need our son seems to have to control the night time routine (amongst other things!).
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