The Original Bitta Kidda
The Original Bitta Kidda

About Bitta Kidda

The idea for the Bitta Kidda Wearable Lovie came in the middle of the night as we watched our 4 month old baby boy on the video monitor. He struggled as he awoke between sleep cycles, arms flailing and nothing to calm him down. After some close observation, we decided he really needed something to hold. His bare crib may have been safe, but it was seriously lacking in the comfort department.

We envisioned a miniature Lovie, strategically placed on our son's PJ's for optimal comfort, and from there The Wearable Lovie was born. It immediately became an integral part of his sleep routine.

Armed with his Wearable Lovie, he learned the art of self-soothing and independence in his crib. He slept confidently and consistently with a Lovie that was always with him.

With an eye for both form and function, our products not only solve real problems, they are adorable too. Our patented BittaSack is a modern day solution to the age old tradition of giving a Lovie to your baby. We provide baby with this important self-soothing mechanism while keeping the crib a safe place, free of loose bedding and traditional security items.

We're the first to create a solutions oriented dialogue around providing a Lovie in the crib. Parents no longer must choose between ignoring the safe sleep recommendations and supplying the ever important Lovie their baby needs. Safe sleep, and real comfort for our babies. Every night.

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