"As a sleep consultant, I often recommend that a baby sleeps with a "lovey" for security. However, for young babies it isn't safe to leave a "lovey" in the crib, which means that there is no comfort item in the crib to help soothe the baby. This product is excellent because families now have the option to give their child a comfort item in a safe way. I would recommend it to any family I work with."

"I am actually a sleep consultant and was extremely excited when I heard about the bitta kidda! I am a huge advocate for eliminating all sleep props, with the one exception of a "lovie". The only problem I run in to with this is SIDS. Infants need to develop their independent sleep skills, but placing a small blanket or stuff animal in the crib at such a young age is too dangerous to recommend to my clients. PROBLEM SOLVED with the itta bitta!!! I also love that as the child grows older, they cannot use the clever tactic of throwing their lovie out of the crib to gain repetitive attention from their loving parents;)"
~Crystal Stephens

"Thank you Bitta Kidda! I discovered Bitta Kidda Wearable Lovie when Cole was about 5 months old. He kept pulling his traditional sleep sacks over his face trying to put it in his mouth. So I found Bitta Kidda online and he loves it! Just turned 9 months today and wears the 12 month old size."
~Brooke McNamara

"Just a quick update that Gracie is a true Bitta Kidda!  She's 10 months now and has been a huge fan since we introduced it at 4 months.  Gracie sleeps and naps in it everyday and it's just as important as a bottle for us and for her routine.  She loves it. I tell everyone about Bitta Kidda because I really think it's one of the best "mom" inventions out there. Also when Gracie nurses and is wearing her Bitta I just watch her as she looks to hold, feel, touch those flaps. I know it's providing her so much comfort at night too! Genius." 
~Lisa Feminello

"Seriously, now it's all Bitta all the time in our house! He loves the flaps and I swear I did not think it was going to work but it truly has. I don't know how I can ever thank you!!!!! Big hugs and kisses and thank you!! Really. I never imagined this could make a difference but Harris is a great sleeper now! Since my older son was an amazing sleeper on his own, I didn't even understand what the Bitta Flaps would do.  I was shocked the way Harris took to them.  I'm still surprised when I see him pulling at it - awake, asleep, sitting up, lying down - it's just his constant source of comfort as he is settling in for sleep and then through the night. I don't know what we would've done if we hadn't tried this. I'm so excited for you to have created something so wonderful!"
~Emily Weinstein
"Just wanted to let you know that my son sleeps in his Bitta for every nap and loves it! (he cries when he sees it but only because he's usually tired and knows it's naptime...but once he's in it he's happy and now is a great napper!)."
"I've noticed that when I nurse Nora she grabs for the Bitta Flap. When she's not wearing it she reaches for it and I can totally tell that it's very comforting for her to have that flap (hence, the reaches when she nurses). I've also noticed that she's loving using her pincer grasp on the Bitta Flap - rubbing the shiny side and the fabric side. Such a remarkable thing to watch her find real comfort in it. So thank you!!!"
~Emily Silberman
"Bitta Blankie has been invaluable in getting our 6 month old Ethan to sleep through the night.  Prior to beginning our Bitta Blankie regimen, we struggled to find ways to soothe him at bedtime.  He refused to take a pacifier and found little comfort in sucking his fingers, which he did do from time to time.  We started using the Bitta Blankie when Ethan was just 4 months old and it immediately became a source of solace for him.  He gets so excited as soon as we put it on, kicking his legs in delight.  He instantly grabs the Bitta Blankie flaps and begins pulling on them and mouthing them.  He holds them tightly as we put him down in the crib and drifts off to sleep within minutes.  We often check the monitor to find him asleep, still holding on tightly to his precious Bitta Blankie flaps.  Ethan is an excellent sleeper, thanks to the comfort accorded him by Bitta Blankie.  I only wish Bitta Blankie existed when I was sleep training my 3 year old, because he still struggles to self soothe at bedtime and during the night."
~Danielle Sporn
"After having our twins, everyone told us how important it was to sleep-train them. What everyone forgot to tell us was that there was no miracle solution to get them to sleep and keep them sleeping through the night without waking each other up!  We found that miracle with the Bitta Blankie.  Bitta Blankie is a must for all parents who value their sleep – especially parents of twins.  The Bitta Blankie’s soft flaps soothed our twins like nothing else.  In their Bitta Blankies, our twins both grabbed for their flaps at bedtime, while they drank their last nighttime bottles and as their eyelids got heavy.  But, the real miracle was that the Bitta Blankie eliminated middle of the night pacifier searches for us and 5am wake-ups. Our twins would still wake up, but would immediately soothe themselves back to sleep by quietly playing with their Bitta Blankie flaps. Bitta Blankie is the security blanket that you cannot lose, that doesn’t get thrown out of the crib (like everything else) and that actually works!" 
~Ewa Abrams

“We discovered the Bitta Blankie when Isaac was 5 months old. He really took to it; within a week he was sleeping through the night. He clearly found comfort in holding onto the Bitta Blankie - we witnessed him holding it when lying down in his crib and at diaper changes before and after bedtime. As a mother of 3 boys, Isaac is my first child to have a Bitta Blankie and my first child to have slept through the night consistently at such an early age. He is now 15 months and still sleeps like a champ! Amen to sleep!”
~Fay Ann Sherris

“Mason started using Bitta Blankie when he was around 3 months old.  Though he was already almost consistently sleeping through the night, we noticed that when he was wearing his Bitta, he had an easier time soothing himself to sleep and would wake up in the morning without crying and instead, laid and "played" happily in his crib. As any parent knows, gaining a few extra moments in the morning is priceless! We have even noticed Mason subconsciously stroking his tummy for the Bitta flaps when he isn't wearing them, a true testament to how much he loves them!”
~Sara Bier

“The Bitta Blankie has been so great for our son. When he was very young, he was quite the strong-willed baby and resisted tooth and nail to our (numerous) sleep training methods. What's funny is that, once we added Bitta Blankie to the mix, he was able both to sooth himself to sleep as an initial matter and also sooth himself back to sleep when he'd wake up in the middle of the night. We would watch the monitor as he squirmed around the crib; but as soon as he would find the "blankie," he would tug on it for a while (almost into submission!) and fall asleep. He has been a much better sleeper since introducing it to his routine.  It was also interesting to see the difference when we reverted back to plain pajamas. We went away last weekend - forgetting to pack his Bitta Blankie - and he was NOT a good sleeper at all. We brought him home, put him in the Bitta Blankie and he slept through the night no trouble. I have to say, it was pretty amazing! Thanks for introducing us to this fabulous product!”
~Danna Kivell